All You Need To Know About Stackable Rings

If you like to be trendy and on the edge of fashion, stackable rings are made for you! They are a fun way to keep memories and keepsakes always close to you. Create a look that expresses your individuality and sense of style. When stacking rings, there are no rules.

What are stackable rings?

Thin rings that can be stacked for ring layering are called stackable rings. This style is fantastic, because you can show off your own style. The custom of stacking anniversary bands over a wedding ring and an engagement ring gave rise to the trend, but it has since become more popular with fashionable rings.
Gold Stackable Rings
While some women love rings with symmetry and comparable shapes, others might prefer a unique, eclectic look. Anyone can suddenly become a fashion designer and use jewelry to convey their own story, thanks to the power of stackable bands. And always remember, as said before, there are no rules when stacking rings.
Diamond Stackable Rings

How many rings to stack

When we discuss stackable rings, this is one of the most often asked queries we hear. Since there is no ideal quantity because it depends only on you, the answer is also challenging. Everything depends on the message you want to convey with your look. 

Sometimes, the more, the better as long as you are confident and pay attention to the details; however, for others the ideal may be to opt for a minimalist style.

Create a unique look

Let's talk about the different ways you might customize your ideal stack. Check out some tips below.
Woman Stackable Rings
Set of Stackable Rings
Our first tip is to retain the same or similar sizes, styles, and colors throughout your collection. That's because simplicity can be the key for creating the ideal ring stack.

To avoid going overboard, it is often advised to wear stackable rings on three or four fingers. This is because showing just one to two fingers results in a refined, beautiful, timeless, and balanced style.

Or, you might experiment with other ring stacking techniques. Instead of using pieces that are closer together, as you might expect from normal stackable rings, emphasize the combination of the skin and rings by having gaps between the rings.

Another way is to consider combining metals with high polish such as rose, white, and yellow gold if your sense of style is more modern. Choose one metal to take center stage, and add a few rings in other metals as accent pieces if you're unsure how to blend metals harmoniously. 
That is a fantastic way to make a delicate, classy, and extremely fashionable stack of rings!
Diamond Stackable Rings

Stacking rings made with diamonds

Another excellent method to experiment with your diamond ring is to layer. Combining a diamond with a different metal can offer an alluring touch because this gem typically has a more traditional appearance.

Keep in mind that this trend is meant to be fun, so that you can take pleasure in it as you create new ensembles and experiment with ring placements using what you have on hand — or with the new additions to your collection!
Diamond Wedding Bands

You can also use wedding rings, as they are one of the most popular types of rings to style. Your special jewels can be paired with a set that will either draw attention to them, or blend in. For example, choosing a monochromatic piece would make your wedding ring stand out.

When choosing a wedding set, the engagement ring is usually worn first, followed by the wedding band and, finally, the anniversary ring. This highlights your stunning wedding band while also telling a romantic tale with the rest of your look.

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