Everything you want to know about bridal jewelry

The wedding day is long-awaited! Blooming decorations, singing birds, a handsome partner, and wonderful maids of honor help create the perfect atmosphere for a union of two people in love! But here is the deciding moment: when all guests will see how wonderful and flawless the bride looks on this special and unique day!
Getting ready for a wedding is not an easy task. You want everything to be as perfect as a fairy tale. This is especially true of the image and style of the bride. And an exciting and all-important item on the wedding list is the selection of bridal accessories.

Bridal jewelry selected for the wedding day will emphasize the bride's beauty and highlight the elegance of the wedding dress. Let's talk about every detail!

Bridal jewelry 101

● Wedding accessories will appear in your wedding pictures even more than your wedding dress. Give yourself extra time to find the perfect combination.

● It does not matter how much you fall in love with wedding jewels, choose the dress first! Once you have the shade of white and style, look for jewelry to make the dress look even more beautiful.

● When it comes to style, we continuously advocate for breaking the rules. But rules will help you look stunning on your wedding day. Do not overdo it. Always think of your look as a whole. Choose jewelry that looks harmonious when combined with the hairstyle, neckline of your dress, and color palette.


● The main rule of choosing accessories is that they should not cause you discomfort when wearing. Our tip is to always go to lighter ones with reliable clasps.

● If the bodice is richly decorated with rhinestones and pearls, the necklace should be small and graceful. In this case, it might be better to move the bright accent to the earrings.
How do I pick the right jewelry for my wedding dress?

1. Bridal Necklaces

Match the necklace to the style of the wedding dress by looking closer at its neckline:


V-neck wedding dresses

The necklace for such a dress should follow the shape of the neckline. In other words, a chain with a drop pendant or a diamond would be an ideal choice. Complete the look with stud diamond earrings or pearl bridal jewelry.


Strapless wedding dress

When you choose a dress with bare shoulders, the choice of necklaces is sensibly unlimited!


Thin straps

A row or string necklace, a delicate chain with a pendant, or chandelier earrings will look fabulous with this style.


Round neckline

This form of neckline requires shorter necklaces or station necklaces. Explore pearl bridal jewelry and combine it with pearl earrings.


Sweetheart neckline

It is recommended to wear light and graceful necklaces with such a dress shape.


Lace neckline

If the dress is sewn with lace covering up to the shoulders, do not wear necklaces. In this style, you can combine earrings with a bridal bracelet instead.


2. Bridal bracelets

Brides don't wear any jewelry on their fingers on the wedding day until, of course, the exchange of wedding bands. For this reason, you want to walk down the aisle using bracelets as a part of a wedding ensemble.

Remember to place your bracelet on the opposite hand where your wedding band will go so that the band, too, will have its moment.

We have great news! Once, bracelets were not traditional wedding accessories; now, they commission the bride's image with light and sparkle. Create a radiant frame with bracelets and sleeveless or short-sleeved dresses.

Make sure the bracelet is in harmony with other details of the image you want to create. Bracelets can be narrow or wide, rigid, or with fluid elements. Wide bracelets decorated with shining diamonds are awe-inspiring. The bride can wear these stunning pieces both on the bare wrists and over gloves.

3. Bridal earrings

Selecting a beautiful wedding dress takes time, and we cringe at the idea of spoiling it by picking the wrong earrings. Instead, create a stunning bridal image with earrings that highlight all the dress details. Earrings are wedding assets that are not only beautiful but that also make your hairstyle more fashionable.

Earrings balance inconsistencies between dress, hair, and makeup. Their purpose is to emphasize the beauty of your face, skin, hair. Correctly chosen gemstone earrings, for example, will highlight the color of your eyes and make them look bigger.

If the necklace is modest, opt not to wear one, feel free to choose bright earrings that will become a luxurious addition to the brilliant look!

Avoid wearing massive necklaces with long earrings. If you aren't sure where the chain you've picked categorizes, opt for graceful earrings .

Where to buy bridal jewelry?


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