The Ultimate Classic Fashion Jewelry Collection That Will Stand The Test Of Time

We all love to follow the latest trends and have fun finding unique ways to style the newest jewelry designs. But, when the next big thing comes along, our once-trendy pieces end up in the bottom of our jewelry box.

While wearing trendy jewelry every now and then is super fun, the truth is that if you want your jewelry collection to stand the test of time, you should invest in classic pieces which never go out of style.



Must-have classic fashion jewelry pieces

A timeless jewelry collection is all you need to always look your best. After all, classic jewelry pieces
are not only always in style, but they’re also perfect for every occasion. 

Here are eight timeless pieces you need to have in your jewelry box.

An elegant tennis bracelet

Tennis bracelets are the most popular style of diamond bracelet. They’re so iconic that they transcend time. Besides obviously being beautiful, tennis bracelets also instantly add a touch of glamour to any outfit. 

But, don’t think for a minute that your design options are limited. On the contrary! You can choose between a wide range of different diamond cuts and sizes, precious metals, number of diamond rows, and even a mix of gemstones and diamonds. The sky’s the limit!

Huggies earrings

Timeless huggies

Huggies are small hoops which, as the name suggests, hug your earlobes. Their dainty design makes huggies super versatile and perfect for every occasion. You can wear a single pair for a delicate look, stack them for the ultimate fashion statement, or mix and match huggies and other earrings for a unique combo.

Whether you prefer minimalist designs or lavish diamond huggies, any style of huggies you pick will be a staple in your jewelry box. They’re the perfect accessories to wear both as everyday pieces or to dress up on special occasions, so you’ll definitely be reaching for them all the time!

Gemstone ring

A statement gemstone ring

Statement rings might not be everyday accessories, but they’re perfect to add some glitz and glam to an evening look.

You can opt for a classic cocktail ring with a dazzling oversized gemstone, a stylish gemstone eternity band, or even a statement ring featuring a couple of different gemstones - such as a halo or three-stone design.

Pearl necklace

A classic pearl necklace

From the classic strand of pearls to the modern pearl pendant, pearl necklaces are - and will always be - timeless staples. No matter which design you prefer, you can wear your pearls with every outfit.

Channel your inner Coco Chanel by pairing your pearl necklace with a classic tweed set, add the finishing touches to your favorite little black dress with colored pearls, and ooze casual elegance with the classic combination of jeans and a t-shirt (plus pearls, of course).

Diamond Stud Earrings

Dazzling diamond studs

Diamond studs are the jewelry equivalent of a little black dress - elegant, versatile, and perfect for every occasion. They instantly make any outfit look chic and, the best part is that diamond studs light up your face and eyes, making them incredibly flattering.

Their minimalist design allows for numerous variations, so don’t think for a second that your options are limited! On the contrary. You can choose between different metal shades, various diamond sizes and cuts, and creative designs - such as diamond halos, clusters, flowers, stars, hearts, and much more.

Diamond pendant necklace

A delicate pendant necklace

A pendant necklace is an easy everyday piece everyone should own. To add a personal touch to your accessory, opt for a meaningful pendant, such as a design featuring your initial, birthstone, a lucky amulet, a religious symbol, or even your home state. 

You can wear your pendant necklace by itself for a minimalist look, make a bold statement by layering it with other pieces, or mix things up by removing the pendant and wearing just the chain. 

Stackable ring

Dainty stackable rings

If you love wearing multiple rings at once, stackable bands were made for you. They’re a great way of wearing all your favorite designs at the same time without it being overkill. Or, you can go in the opposite direction and wear your dainty stackables by themselves for a minimalist look.

Not only that, but their delicate design makes stackable bands super elegant, and it allows for infinite combinations. You can use your creativity to mix and match different metal shades, designs, ring widths, and gemstones - the sky’s the limit!

Luxury watch

A luxury watch

Last, but not least, an elegant wristwatch is the ultimate everyday accessory. Whether you prefer a classic leather band with a minimalist metal face, a sleek stainless-steel timepiece, or a bold design, having a nice watch around your wrist always makes you look sophisticated and well-put-together.

Better yet, wear your timepiece with your favorite bracelet and a couple of dainty stackable bands for the ultimate effortlessly chic combo.


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